Two types of discipline

The Lord's Discipline

Prophesy Weekend with Justin Long: Session 5

Prophesy Weekend with Justin Long: Session 4

Prophesy Weekend with Justin Long: Session 3 (Q&A)

Prophesy Weekend with Justin Long: Session 2

Prophesy Weekend with Justin Long: Session 1

Pride: Joseph's Story


Heart Motives



Naomi and Ruth (Part 2)

Naomi and Ruth (Part 1)

The Armor of God

Did God really say ...?

Lies that cause us to sin: Jesus' Temptation

Lies that cause us to sin

In everything give thanks

Healing: Jesus' Restoration

Healing: Consequences of the fall

Inner Healing

I prayed, now what?

Praying for God's Kingdom

Praying for ourselves

Praying for our needs

God's Guidance

Listening in prayer

Teach us to number our days

Praying for each other

Praying for our society

Boldness in Christ

God's Power

Waiting for God

When the world fails us

Praying in crisis (Part 2)

Praying in crisis

Worship and Prayer

The Lord's Prayer

Moses' Prayer

Prayer and Faith

Prayer & Fasting

Pray without ceasing

Living in a fallen world

Prayer: The Basics

Aletheia Identity: Our current focus

Church Identity: Our anchors

Church Identity: Our Core Values

Aletheia Identity: Why do we exist?

In everything give thanks

The Joy of Christmas

Jesus is coming: And now?

Emmanuel: God with us

Results of Repentance

Repentance: Sins of Speech

Repentance: Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

Repentance: Sins of Thoughts

Repentance: Psalm 51

Repentance: Saul and David

Repentance: Evidence of Faith

The End Times: The Kingdom of God

The Narrow Gate

The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats

The Parable of the Talents

Love requires Action

The Parable of the 10 virgins

Signs of the End of the Age (Part 2)

Signs of the End of the Age (Part 1)

Jesus' Letter to Laodicea

Jesus' seven letters (Part 2)

Jesus' seven letters (Part 1)

The Great Wedding Feast

Jesus pursuing us

Jesus, our friend

The Cup of God’s Goodness and Grace

Paul the Evangelist

Evangelism 101


Evangelism without words

Prayer and Evangelism

The Heart of Evangelism

Being generous

In His Time

Work (Part 6 of our "Money"series)

The Great Exchange (Easter Sunday Service)

Money Part 5: Budgeting the rest

Money (Part 4): Saving

Money (Part 3): Giving

Money (Part 2)

Money (Part 1)

Fasting (Part 2)

Fasting (Part 1)

Faith like Heroes

Counting your troops

Do not be anxious

Seeking God First!

Be Realistic! God's Way!

The Hope of Christmas

Should I even celebrate Christmas?

2. Samuel 11 (Verse by Verse)

2. Tim. 3 (Verse by Verse)

Psalm 1 (Verse by Verse)

Mary & Martha (Part 1 of our "Verse by Verse" series)


Parenting: Raising the Next Generation

Parenting: Disciplining our Children (Part 11 of our Relationships and Family Series)

Parenting: Our childhood (Part 10 of our "Family and Relationships" Series)

Nothing but Sex

My Spouse, the Alien (Part 2)

My Spouse, the Alien

From Friendship to Marriage (Part 6 of our Relationships & Family Series)

Singleness (Relationships and Family Series, Part 5)

Just Friends

Anger (Relationships Series, Part 3)

Forgiveness (Relationships Series Part 2)

The Bible on Family: The Basics

Claiming the Truth

Who am I? (Part 2) Restoration in Christ

Who am I? (Part 1: Creation and Fall)

The Names of God (Part 3 of our series: Who is God?)

Jesus is God! (Part 2 of our series: Who is God?)

Who is God? (The Attributes of God)

Renewing our Minds

Who am I?

Jesus, the Prince of Peace

Should I celebrate Christmas?


Being Bereans


Freedom in Christ

How can I know whether I am saved?

Come Home, the Father is Waiting (Part 2)

Come Home, the Father is Waiting (Part 1)

The 2nd Fire

Life Unexpected with God

God's Will, God's Way

God's love